Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mee Bandung Udang King at Batu 23 Sg. Nibong, Sg. Besar Selangor

They called it Mee Bandung Udang and it was truly awesome. This plate of Mee Udang Special with 3 big fresh prawns, sweet and juicy for RM17.00. If you love prawns, this is heaven then.
A group of cyclists checking out this King Original where Mak Cik at the stall have been cooking this delicious dishes for the past 24 years.
For a normal plate (biasa) Mee Udang it's RM5.00 equally delicious except with smaller prawns. I love the gravy.
Mee Bandung Poktek is a seafood noodle with a mix of seafood like fish, squids, prawns, crabs & eggs. None of us tried it, I bet it must be good and maybe I will try it in my next trip here.
Look out for this attractive signboard as you travel towards the seaside from the main road.
They used to be at the seaside but have moved to this new place.
Nasi Lemak bungkus were all gone before some of us could even laid eye on it. Simple yet delicious. The sambal was mouthwatering and the smell was enticing. Nothing beats a kampong nasi lemak bungkus.
Absolutely satisfying with a Mee Udang Special!!!

Mee Udang King Original
Batu 23, Sg. Nibong
Sg. Besar

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Tq for sharing and me n fmy intent to taste the mee udang this weekend