Thursday, September 11, 2014

Shakahari Vegetarian Restaurant at SS2 Petaling Jaya 素鄕素食小廚

It's a rare occasion for us to visit a vegetarian restaurant basically I just cannot buy the the idea of eating fake meat, I do not mind the green veggies but not the so called "duck chicken, fish, pork and so on" .... and the so called "meats" are mostly oily especially when they are fried. Anyway I had a reason to visit Shakahari this time and I was surprised to see the shop so pack, it was a Saturday evening fortunately we managed to secure a table.
Sambal belacan Paku veggie was lovely with a nice belacan aroma that made me hungry instantly.
The fried abalone mushrooms were dry and hard, it was not so appealing.
Fancy a taste of a sweet black vinegar pork trotter, well this is a vegetarian version taste it looks like one but nothing like the real one... frankly speaking it does taste rather good moreover it's healthier than the real stuff....Like it.
I like the most was this Chinese wine soup (Eight Treasure Herbal Soup) made of mushroom and fungus, the strong wine taste and smell were gorgeous.
I was a bit disappointed with these mini size of the lady fingers..... probably the kitchen has ran out of the bigger ones .... mmmmm.
Indian Curry was rather good and tasty. It has the oomph and drive for more rice.... thumb up for this one. 
Fried Dumpling served with thin slices of ginger in vinegar. Slightly oily but yummy.
This tofu did not impress me at all ... maybe some other flavour might give a better kick.
Shakahari Vegetarian Restaurant is a popular outlet at the glutton rows of SS2/10 & 6 and it has been in the area for at least three quarter year. Cheers to Shakahari and hopefully we will be back soon.

Shakahari Vegetarian Restaurant 素鄕素食小廚
151 Jalan SS 2/6, Petaling Jaya
Tel 03-78659997
GPS : 3.116816, 101.617125

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