Thursday, October 23, 2014

PJ Fun Ride of 30km by MBPJ ... And the Fun Continues

Of late there were some kind of competitions between DBKL and MBPJ both the city councils were trying to outdo one another as who is giving a better event for cyclists in Klang Valley. As a leisure cyclist I like to see these competitions and as time goes by we hope to see improvement in the organisation of these events for a safer and enjoyable ride.
MBPJ has a longer route of 30km to pamper the riders whereas in Kuala Lumpur it provides a looping of 7km with a time frame of 2 hours for cyclists to enjoy without any fear of any vehicles on the road. Both routing are different they have their own flaws hopefully both of them have noted these setbacks and will improve for future dates.
 My estimate of the number of participants in this PJ Fun Ride to be in the range of 500 cyclists and that was a good turnout. Currently it looks loke the population of cyclists in Klang Valley has increased, it is definitely a good sign for everyone and I hope it will continue to increase.
The starting point was held at Kelana Jaya MBPJ Stadium, I was glad to be able to reignite my interest after a short break and at the same time I was happy to see familiar faces in the event.
The number of female enthusiasts also seems to be encouraging and I hope this healthy interest will continue to grow into a bigger cycling community in the coming years.
Cycling is all about exercising for a better and greener world with no politics, no age limit, no racial and religious issues involved. The best part of this kind of ride is that there is no need to rush to finish at the end of the ride and it is the most appropriate event for new comers to take part. So if you have not try in such event please look out for the next one. KL Car Free Ride is coming soon.
Even Jo is getting the fever and she is looking forward for more of these events in the coming days. Slowly I hope she will gain the confident of cycling on public roads and be able to master the skill of cycling. So far her progress looks pretty alright for a probationary rider.
The sight of hApPy cyclists making a regrouping stop and they were planning for a breakfast after the ride. Why not after a nice outing.
Mr. Hoh & Mrs. Hoh you were doing well and I hope to see them again. Cheers.
Jayl and her mom were doing well too. It was her mom's maiden ride of 30km, mind you, there were a couple of difficult climbs she made it at the finishing line with no hassle. Bravo!
Unfortunately we had to board on a sweeping bus as we were far behind from the convoy and riding without marshals could be dangerous with the heavy traffic on PJ roads. It was a blessing in disguise for me as I should not ride too long due to my back injury. Anyway I enjoyed the lift in the air conditioned coach back to the stadium.
My good buddy, Jotaro captured this image as I was taken away from the convoy but I shall be back for more and hope see you again.

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