Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Restoran Top One at SS2 - A new Steamboat Outlet

A new food outlet is opened at SS2/10 a.k.a.Wai Sek Kai, the up and coming glutton street of SS2 and it's a steamboat restaurant.
We were there on the first day of the opening not by invitation but walking in coincidentally. Things weren't going smoothly on this day the boat was having difficulty to boil the soup as the flame contact with the pot was too far apart.
The presentation of the ingredient was up to mark with a variety of ingredients, charging at RM16.00 person for a standard portion.
An extra order of a portion of thinly sliced pork meat.
Pan Mee & lots of green veggies.
Side orders like prawns balls, fish balls, cuttlefish balls, balls with minced pork etc etc that you can choose.
The pinched Pan Mee noodle was something interesting to savour while eating a steamboat meal. Most of us gave a thumb up for this Pan Mee.
Home prepared steam chicken is highly recommended by the proprietor and yes we love it just like the homemade taste and it went super with the red chilli paste below.
My family in-laws surely like spicy stuff and they enjoyed this paste very much with the steamed chicken
Restoran Top One
Jalan SS2/10
(A few doors away from Kayu Nasi Kandar)
Petaling Jaya

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