Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Porto - Barcelona Day 6 Mira - Figueira da Foz

It's already Day 6 another typical day in Portugal that we were preparing to leave a place for the next destination. The weather was slightly wet but not threatening and a chance to meet Lius Alcaide and his family. They were celebrating All Saints' Day by visiting their loved ones at the cemetery. The celebration is on every November 1st and also it's Halloween Day which is popular among the younger Portuguese.
Our stay at Granny's House came with a breakfast and Lius gave us a good spread for the breakfast. 
Thank you so much Lius. It was an excellent breakfast. Photo credit : Anne Cheong.
Just before we left Granny's House, Lius' uncle took this shot for us. Lius mentioned that we were the last guests for the year and it will be closed for refurbishment. We hope one day we will come back and visit Granny's House.
The wind came together with the drizzle as we just started to leave Mira.
Taking a turn at Av. Infante Dom Hendrique with a big monument fronting Mira beach, a monument to honour the fishermen. GPS : 40.455653, -8.803012. Due to the strong wind we just don't have the mood to stop by to admire it closely.
Went into a park with Barrinda Lake by the side.
Then we were riding along Av. da Barrinda with big trees looking like a forestry area that is good for camping or picnic.
Few kilometres down the road we saw huge area of burnt trees which we were informed by Lius that it was part of the disastrous forest fire back in 2017 where many people died and many injured.
Timber logs neatly stacked at the road side.
Abandoned buildings on the empty flat land with occasional cars passing by. It was surely a quiet road.  
Looks like there is a junction ahead of us and hoping there will be twist of scenery after the turn.
Roughly more than a kilometre from the road junction we stopped for a break at Restaurante O Pinhal R. Principal, Tocha,  GPS : 40.371985, -8.745793. We were surprised to see Lius again, he drove out looking for us as one of us forget her belonging. So kind of Lius, we sat and chatted again before we continued the journey.
Coffee with snack bought from a convenience store.
We also ordered some pastries from the shop.
At our KM14 we arrived at Caniceira, just a small town nothing spectacular.
Still within the neighbourhood of Caniceira at a small roundabout we took pictures with the sculptures at GPS : 40.350508, -8.748584
Jo had a puncture and we had to stop at Princesinha da Tocha, Pastelaria Lda, GPS : 40.318540, -8.752881. After mending the tube, washed up my hands and had a tea break at the cafe while the rest was ahead of us. Jo has called them to inform the situation and told them to proceed accordingly as we will make our own way to Figueira da Foz.
Jo was back with a better tyre pressure as we proceeded to catch up with the rest.
Passed by a cemetery with lots of flower arrangement at the site as the Portuguese were traditionally celebrating the All Saints' day as informed to us by Lius. Simultaneously the younger generation celebrates Halloween Day at the same day.
After the 30th km we began to encounter steeper road at N109 and gradually becoming winding and tough.
At Cafe 109 located at Road N109 GPS : 40.202955, -8.828031 we regrouped with Anne, Joe & Lynn, they were having a good time with a Cuban friend Eduardo Benett with his live performance. Feeling like we were in Cuba. Thank you Mr. Eduardo!
The weather during that time at this place was misty and looking dangerous to cycle on. Visibility was poor. We decided to made a turn on the right for a quieter and safer road. Thank goodness the turning came in timely. GPS : 40.189967, -8.830359 R. Saltadouro da Ponte.
After turning into R. Saltadouro da Ponte it was still in a climbing condition but for another 400 metres, then at was downhill all the way until we could see civilisation again. The feeling of relief was absolutely wonderful.
We finally arrived near the coast of Figueira da Foz in the hope to locate the accommodation as soon as possible.
There you are, Marina Charming House, another lovely place to stay. Though it's a small place but it is well maintained and in very pleasant condition.
Further down Marina Charming House is the river mouth of Mondego River, we took a walk there and were looking for a place to chill.
Time to enjoy the scenery at the marina at Mondego River.
Sitting outside of Skiqper Bar enjoying the lovely view with our cold beers at GPS : 40.148040, -8.861807
We tried so many types of beer in Portugal and this is one of our favourites. 
As usual we would request from the reception for a good food recommendation and was introduced to Tavern Ti Joao.
I really enjoyed Portuguese food I thought I could not survive in Europe with its food for so long but I did and like it very much indeed. Photo credit : Anne Cheong.
Thank you Tavern Ti Joao for a gorgeous dinner and forgetting their house wine "Douro" at R. Poe. Acácio Antunes, GPS : 40.149024, -8.863034
Though the distance is not long but it was a tough day due to the head wind and the last lengthy climb. Well done anyway to the team.

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