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Porto Barcelona Day 20 - Second Day in Valencia

The highlight of the day was to participate in a free walking tour in the city centre of Valencia. Our bicycles were left in the apartment while we took a tram from the nearest station (100m away) from our apartment at Francesc Cubells Stop to Marítim - Serrería Station to change to a metro train. .where we stopped at Colon Station.
Emerged from Colon Train Station where we started wandering the streets of Valencia for a day city exploration.
The tower of Santa Caterina Church as seen from the street as we were approaching a city square.
Somewhere near the square a demonstration was seen and apparently it was a common scene in Spain to have a peaceful rally.
We were early for the Free Tour and had time for a cup of coffee and a decent toilet break at the Square.
Free Tour Valencia is a company that specializes in tour guides services, and also it's the only company offering daily walking tours with a free price which the tourists will decide how much to pay.
The Plaza de la Virgen (Virgin Square) is a square in the centre surrounded with three iconic buildings the Cathedral of Santa Maria, the Basilica of the Virgen de los Desamparados and the Palace of the Generalitat .
Our Tour Guide Helena Ve Sa whom will be taking us for a two and half hour tour together with a group of tourists from the various parts of the world. We started from Tribunal de les Aigües de València.
Where Helena told us about the weekly meeting held every Thursday of the year, on the right side of Gothic Door of the Apostles of the Cathedral of Valencia. If the timing is right one could wait and witness the bells from the "Micalet" ringing at the stroke of twelve o'clock to watch session.
The Serranos Towers are considered to be the largest Gothic city gateway in all of Europe, and were constructed at the end of the 14th century by Pere Balaguer as part of the city's fortification. They were once served as prison cells and used as a triumphal arch for many festivals. You can enjoy splendid views of the city and the river Turia from the top.
Construction on these large guard towers was finished in 1391. They were once the main entrance to the city. The structure are both pentagon-shaped, connected by a common gallery of Gothic design with parapet wall the entire structure as seen in the remains of this old moat.
Església de Sant Joan del Mercat - Santos Juanes is a Roman Catholic church located in the Mercat neighborhood of the city of Valencia. The church is also denominated the Royal Parish of the St Johns or San Juan del Mercado due to its location adjacent to the city Central Market and facing the Llotja de la Seda building.
The Central Market of Valencia is one of the largest in Europe, covers more than 8,000 square metres, with a predominantly Valencian Art Nouveau style. Its unique roof comprises of original domes and sloping sections at different heights, while the interior lined with a range of materials such as iron, wood, ceramics and poly-chromed tiles. The beauty of the building stands out especially when the light that enters through the roof at various angles and also when through the coloured window panels.
Most of the vendors are selling food items with others selling souvenir shops. There are restaurants are located inside the market as well. It is a popular location for tourists and locals alike.
The style blends a modern Valencian Art Nouveau style but mirrors some of the architectural influences of nearby buildings such as the Valencian Gothic style Lonja de la Seda and the eclectic Gothic-baroque church of Sants Juanes.
Let's try the fresh orange from Valencia since it the city of oranges.
Thank you Helena for a wonderful tour and a welfie with the entire for the record in front of the Central Market of Valencia. 
Catedral de Valencia is a remarkable 13th century church stands on the site of an early Roman temple and 8th century mosque. It is situated between Plaza de la Virgen and Plaça de la Reina.
The exterior of the Cathedral is unique a mixture of architectural styles. With a narrow Main Entrance decorated with a façade of Baroque style.
It was lunch time everyone engaging their time for a good meal and we were looking for a place to chill. After all it's siesta time.
A set lunch for 11 euro seem a good deal for us.
Found a table in a crowded joint and happily enjoying the crowd for our lunch.
An excellent starter before the main course with preserved olives and beer.
The place where we took our lunch at Restaurante El Kiosko at Carrer d'Ercilla, GPS : 39.474262, -0.377692
The church of Sant Martí , of Sant Martí Bisbe and Sant Antoni Abat , is one of the oldest in the city of Valencia , located at the beginning of Sant Vicent street . Its origin must be sought in the conquest of the city by James I , being in principle a mosque dedicated to the Catholic cult.
Museo Nacional de Cerámica y Artes Suntuarias González Martí. The National Museum of Ceramics and Decorative Arts "González Martí" is a museum dedicated to ceramics, porcelains and other decorative arts such as textile art, traditional costumes and furniture.
Saw a group bicycle tour in progress while the guide was giving a brief at Plaça del Col·legi del Patriarca GPS : 39.472078, -0.373472
The bat at the top most is a heraldic symbol commonly seen on crest everywhere in municipals of Valencia, Catalonia and the Balearic Islands. This one was taken at the monument of King James I.
The monument of James I the Conqueror (2 February 1208 – 27 July 1276) was King of Aragon, Count of Barcelona, and Lord of Montpellier from 1213 to 1276; King of Majorca from 1231 to 1276; and Valencia from 1238 to 1276. He was an important figure in the development of the Catalan language, sponsoring Catalan literature and writing.
Brompton Junction Valencia at GPS : 39.468902, -0.367582
Brompton Junction Valencia opened its doors on November 16th 2017. Brompton Junction Valencia is located near Colon market is the 13th flagship Junction store. It was nice meting Alvaro and his colleague at their shop.
That's was our 20th day at Valencia.

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