Friday, April 04, 2008

Another Hide-out @ Off Ipoh Road - Hokkien Noodles

If you are coming from Kuala Lumpur City Centre along Ipoh Road, you will hit Kompleks Mutiara on your right hand side and go all the way where you will see a Traffic Light which you can make a LEFT Turn into Jalan Cenderuh.Go all the way along this road until the end of it and into earth road with wooden houses on both sides & continue until you see THE PLACE. De Hide Out.This place is decorated with multi selection of ceramic tiles on the table tops, a bit on the ground covered with trees & plants... what a hide out. Our first order Hokkien fried noodles of yellow mee & beehun with big prawns.
Japanese roll / sushi, something different for a local eatery stall.
This is their popular taipoca noodle, rubbery noodle fried in Hokkien way.
Sui Kow with fish balls & vegetable.

The master Hokkien Cook in action, a friendly chap.
Our happy table next to us.

Menu found hanging near the entrance.
A place in Kuala Lumpur you MUST venture before the area is being torn down for development.


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