Thursday, April 17, 2008

Big Fried @ Kepong Baru Market

This place is at Kepong Baru Market, just behind Tai Thong Odeon Restaurant.
On the right is the market and on the left is the eating stall. The cashier counter and entrance to the air conditioned area, about 8 tables ( big and small).
Non airconditioned area or the open area on the tar road (covered).
Delicious Kar Wan (stewed pork) and underneath there are stewed hardboiled eggs & tofu.These two dishes are supposed to be taken together, a popular Hokkien delicacy.
Some kind of starch pudding very likeable among old folks.Hokkien fried Bihun.At lastly a plate of fried red snapper fish head with perserved beans. All these for RM50.00.
The towkay by the name of "KowKia" has been operating at the these place for many years. If you are game for Whiskies, he can supply you good whiskies at good price.
Name of this place is called "Pak Thong" address at Market Jalan 1, Off Jalan Ambong and mobile no: 016-296-8700.

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