Sunday, March 13, 2011

RSC ABC Medals 2011 @ Templer Park Golf & Country Club

I have posted this event for three consecutive years. It is the Royal Selangor Club Golf Section ABC Medals and it was held just like the previous year at Templer Park Golf & Country Club.

Everyone was getting ready to roll while the drizzle was fading away.
The weather was excellent and a beautiful day to enjoy the beautiful golf course. It was superbly scenic.

I had the honour to play with our Convener Dato’ Harisharan Pal Singh and Dato’ Colonel Juspal Singh.

All cheers goes to our Convener, Dato Haris for having arranged such an excellent package for the members of RSC.We walked almost for the entire game and it was indeed a good day to walk.

At last we were at the last hole and it was time for happy hour.

The dinner was good and there were plenty of drinks for everyone.
The response for this game was overwhelming and there were several new faces participating and a good welcome to them. We hope to see you more often in the future events.

As usual some won and some did not but don’t be despair.

Try again next year.

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