Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Orchard Cafe - Medan Rampai Niaga, Setapak

We went out for a dinner without deciding where in particular to eat, so we went round and round and found this shop “Orchard Café” located at a newly developed commercial area Medan Niaga Rampai @ Setapak Kuala Lumpur.

The patronage was not that bad about 40% occupied and so we placed our order. The service was a let down there only 2 staff at the front line taking order, payment and retrieving used plates and arrangement of fresh tables.

Our drinks never come after a long wait which require a reminder, apparently they forgot…… never mind we can bear with it.

Thank goodness the food was good. We nearly gave up and leave the place. This RM9.90 steamed Tilapia fish in Thai style was fantastically delicious. We ordered another portion of this fish. I like the gravy mildly sour but tasty with strong & pleasant flagrant of lemon grass.

Sweet and sour pork was good too. The medium size portion was big (RM15.00) and was very pleasing to my sons.

Tofu on hot plate and Morning Glory (Kangkong) fried with belacan were nice and appetizing.

Go try this promotional dish of only RM9.90 – Steamed Tilapia Fish. It is definitely worth it and a good dish to venture.

We will come back for their western dishes and hopefully the staffing of this place will improve if not it will die of nature death.

Orchard Café
40 Jalan Rampai Niaga 4
Medan Niaga Rampai
Sri Rampai Tel:012-441-8231; 010-284-8039
GPS : 3.198761,101.728999

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Joe said...

Went to this shop today. Tried the steam fish, gu lou yok and soup. Fish was fresh, but has the mud taste as it is a plain water fish. gu lou yok was Ok ok only, and it was charged RM15?!?!. soup was average. Overal, 6/10.