Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Sin Fatt Kee Tai Chow @ Jalan Perusahaan Ringan, Setapak (KL)

An eating place with no name from the outside and I reckon it’s called something like “Sin Fatt Kee”. It’s a wooden shed located along Jalan Perusahaan Ringan. Another hideout recommended for Tai Chow in the surroundings of Air Panas.

A deep fried “Ma Yeaw Yee” fish with finely shredded ginger & soy sauce was superbly yummy.

Steamed eggs of three kinds – salted, century & normal is a common and delicious dish found in all Tai Chow eateries in Malaysia.

Kai Lan veggies stir fried with Siew Yok (roasted pork) of generous portion was awesome.
Bitter gourd stir fried with salted eggs was another good choice of veggie on the table, the amount of salted eggs was just right for a perfect taste of this simple fry.

This taste of these pork ribs was not that excellent probably the meat was over done.

Another lovely deep fried fish cutlet with similar style of soy sauce & ginger. Of course it was an additional order necessary for the long and winding talk & drinks.
Chicken meat steamed with finely grinded ginger which can "de-wind" whatever wind you might have in your body.

Wee, a Kelantanese friend brought 2 packets of uncooked crackers from his recent “balik kampong (Ching Ming festival)” trip for us to try. With the help of the kitchen’s wok we got lots of crackers to munch. Danny & Ronnie were enjoying the taste of Kelantan prawn & fish crackers.

Sin Fatt Kee Tai Chow
Jalan Perusahaan Ringan
GPS : 3.198075,101.717991

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