Friday, August 02, 2013

Survey North West (Kiara /Segambut) for a Bicycle Route Map

It's survey time again for the bicycle route map project and this round was at the areas of Kiara & Segambut.
The turn out for this survey was very encouraging and it was nice to see new faces in this exercise.
We started the cycling from Desa Sri Hartamas and headed to Segambut side.
Jalan Kiara to Segambut where you can see the contrast of old dwellings and modern ones.
 A change of flavour from our daily norms and a great way to de-stress in the city of Kuala Lumpur.

Concentration is essential whenever on the road.
Going up steep slope with or without gears.....
Re-grouping and a quick brief for the next course of action.
Some crossings can be tricky hence we shall always observe caution and teamwork.
Slow and steadily we pedaled up the slope.
After a strenuous climb and easy roll along Persiaran Dutamas.
A brief ride through Publika.
Bye bye Publika.
A break to exchange opinions cum a good rest.
The road that leads us to a water reservoir. 
At a land higher than the surroundings for a better view of the barrier between Deda Sri Hartmas and Damansara Heights. It's so near yet so far.
Going up and down through whatever means..
We went knocking everywhere to look for openings.
It was fun riding on this half dried weeds.
Possibility 1
Possibility 2
Let's all hope that something can be materilised from here.

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