Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Workshop on Off Road by Sam Cheong & Siang Tiek

Michael messaged me the night before for a breakfast, we were the first customers at Lee Fong Yuen Beef Noodle at Taman Desa Jaya and we had a good chat with the proprietors while waiting for our food. I have blogged this eating shop way back in 2007... see here.

What a beautiful Sunday with a group of friends attending a workshop conducted by Sam Cheong and Siang Tiek on the basic offroad cycling using folding bicycles.
The four of us who came with the same mind wearing the same tee shirts....long live Malaysian Foldies.
Session no.1 Talk on folding bikes in relation to offroad cycling by Sam and Siang Tiek. It was absolutely a good workshop which I have learnt a lot from it.
Cycling on offroad is interesting and I will to do more often with my folding bikes.
Wong had a broken chain while riding in the woods.
Fortunately Wong is well versed with such repair and well equipped to repair it. Well done Mr. Wong.
We encountered an interesting obstacle and had to carry our bicycles over the fallen tree.
All cleared and ready to proceed with the ride in such a beautiful and cool forest.
The workshop was also kind of on the road ride and learn, the things we learnt were very valuable and useful.
One of the places of interest we stopped for a rest.
A directional sign in the forest.
Siang Tiek gave a second session on D.I.Y. cooking stove made from recycle aluminium cans and other basic camping survival kits. Again I find it very interesting and would love to indulge myself in camping soon.
Thank you to Sam Cheong for his unselfishness to in part his knowledge to cyclists and hopefully he will conduct more workshops in the near future.
We completed the day outing with a lunch in Kepong at Pak Thong Restaurant.

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