Monday, September 02, 2013

Let's Celebrate 56th Merdeka Day with our Bicycles

The foldies assembled at Titiwangsa Lake for a national celebration of Independence Day. No flag no ride.
Food or meal is very important to us again no food no ride hehehe....
So food we have taken and just couldn't wait to see the colours of Merdeka festival.
We started to find our ways to Dataran Merdeka going to places of interest as we rode to our destination.
We visited an abandoned site with great interest.
A friend who came late with no food yet was given a special treatment to savour the best Pan Mee in town. He was so pleased with the food and he could now ride.
The road is ourselves, a rare occasion for us to enjoy a car free road that will take us to the Independence Square of Malaysia.
As we approaches the focal point the crowd intensify with loud noise here and there. For the first time in my life I witness a live parade for Merdeka celebration.
A blue wave of police personnels marching with loud boots noise.
Michael feeling proud to be a Malaysian. Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!
Young or old, all races and foreign visitors took time off to witness this year Merdeka celebration in the city of Kuala Lumpur.
Apache helicopters hovering loudly above us intensify the  joyous atmosphere of Independence.
And proudly we managed to squeeze ourselves into Dataran Merdeka for the festival.
The Magnificent 7 with the Commandos of Malaysia!!!
The super jet planes sound roaring so loud that everyone could just look up into the sky.
These were the lucky National Service youths participating in the parade and were so happy to take picture with us.
One for All and All for One
The parade continues to show off what the country have.....
A visit to the oldest club in Malaysia, Royal Selangor Club.
We hopped from one spot to another seeing variety of colours and activities. That's the beauty of cycling in a situation like this.
Away from the crowded area we went down to the river side to see graffiti. Another group photo for the 7 magnificent foldies.
We took an interesting short cut to Brickfields for what's food again hahaha...
Mayflower Food Court has variety of foods for you to choose. On this table there were nasi lemak, banana leaf rice, economical rice and noodles.
Chris stopped by to buy the popular crispy fried kuih bakul for dessert.
Nothing is complete if the fritter is not taken together with the popular ice kacang (ABC) of Brickfields. What a wonderful and complete lunch of Merdeka!
Check out this stall for the delicious ice kacang. All done and we rode back to Titiwangsa. What a gorgeous day we had in the city. Next time try cycling to such festival if you do not have a bicycle then go rent one for such occasion.

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