Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mi Udang Mak Jah @ Kg. Menteri, Kuala Sepetang

I have always wanted to visit this eating place after I have tasted Mak Jah's mee udang at Wangsa Maju which I have blogged previously HERE!
It is just before reaching the town of Kuala Sepetang (formerly known as Port Weld) you will see this sign board on your left and the warong is just immediately after this sign. Enjoy your food!
My share of Mi Udang Special - sweet, fresh & delicious. At last I got to savour the original Mak Jah Mee Udang. Yummy indeed!!!
My friend Joe had a Mi Goreng Udang
Complimentary from Idris. Terima kasih Idris for your great hospitality!!!
Nasi Goreng a snap I stole on its way to the customer....
Another stolen shot for the blog. A Mi Goreng with gravy.
This is the man, Idris. We had a good chat with him about his life at Kuala Sepetang, a bit of story about his mother, Mak Jah and her Mi Udang. Syabas Idris and all the best.
Jotaro who owns AhPek Biker blog simply enjoyed the food and he even "tapao" 2 Mi Udang Special back home.
The team getting ready for lunch business though it was early when we arrived there were already a bus load of visitors enjoying the mi udang.
The branch at Wangsa Maju runs by Idris's brother and they have the same theme at both location.
We shall be back!!!

Before we headed back to Kuala Lumpur we went to pay a brief visit to Port Weld which is only a few minutes away.

Mi Udang Mak Jah
Kg. Menteri
Kuala Sepetang
Tel : 05-898-1400 / 012-293-1101 / 017-469-5026
GPS : 4.838726,100.633805

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plain83 said...

How about the pricing in accordance to the number of prawns served? Care to share?

yuyu said...

Bab sedap..terpulang kepada individu..tetapi layanan perempuan muda semasa mengambil order amat teruk..juga semasa bertanyakan tisu..orang Melayu perlu pertingkatkan servis ini.. kami adalah customer anda..bukan peminta sedekah di kedai anda..

Ardrose Rosefuad said...

Mee biasa2 je..cuma aura dia buat Kdai ni terknl..Mee bau hanyir disebabkn udang x dmasak dgn betul..mintak jga kyaliti mknanan..satu fmly sakit perut. Servis cpt pon klu masak cincai tak guna..naya kt org saja. Kita komplen buat tak tau sja..first n last..bad quality food.