Wednesday, March 05, 2014

KL Car Free Day with 8TV go Green Campaign 02 March 2014

It's car free day again in Kuala Lumpur, you can skate you can stroll, jog, dance or cycle ... for 2 hours certain stretches of the roads in the city will be closed for you.
KL will be hosting this event every first Sunday of the month, so watch out for it, come out and have fun with your family. 
Starting from 7.00am to 9.00am at Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur. 
There are live music to entertain you.
It's also time for you to show off your classic, bring them out on the road and let the public have a view.
The trishaw team from Penang.
Traffic Wardens from DBKL.
It was good to see my business associate and family out on this beautiful Sunday morning. Well done Freeman!!!
I was fortunate to be part of a mini KL tour led by Jeff for a local TV filming project. Interestingly 8TV is going on two wheels to tour West Malaysia, something we ought to check it out.. 
The filming crew preparing another shot at the river edge and apparently this is going to be part of the first episode.
Little did I know I was among two TV personalities in this ride. 8TV is working on a programme called "Let's Cycle" as their go green campaign and scheduled to be released sometime June 2014. 
8TV personalities Rickman Chia & Baki Zainal took a tour at Stadium Merdeka, built in 1956 and completed in time for the declaration of Independence 31 August 1957 ... Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!
At one time during 1990's it was nearly demolished for redevelopment, luckily due to good reasons it has now been named a national heritage building.
Pushing our bicycles through Chinatown was a bit challenging. Little did I know again that Baki & Rickman are so popular. They have so many fans out there .... you just can't blame me I do not watch television leh......
Baki & Jeff having a taste of Petaling Street Air Mata Kucing.
From Chinatown we headed to Kampong Baru for a village life style in the city.
It's just like cycling in a time tunnel .... suddenly we were in a 1950's set up......
Baki Zainal out of the time tunnel and he was shocked!
Rickman Chia was astonished to see different light in a village ... hehehe
For a nostalgic record for both the ladies who apparently were born here in Kampong Baru. This old wooden house (more than 100 years old) was originally owned by her nenek (grandmother) and it is still standing in a good condition.
One of the several century old Malay houses in Kampong Baru. What a pity it's been abandoned it would be great if someone could restore it.
How long will these kampong houses be around, treasure it when they are still around. 
8TV go GREEN campaign Ambassadors, Baki Zainal & Rickman Chia. All the best!!!

Thanks to Cycling Kuala Lumpur for a wonderful mini tour. Cheers.

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