Monday, November 02, 2015

Ming Court Hong Kong Tim Sum at Ipoh 明阁香港点心

All the while we will patronise Foh San whenever we are in Ipoh but this time around we are not going to do the same. We visited the shop opposite Foh San for a change, Ming Court Tim Sum.
Apparently this place is popular among the local and pricing is reasonable. Please do not park your car illegally as compound by the Local Authority is very common, so park your car at the right space and eat peacefully.
Instead of rattan steamers, Ming Court serves with stainless steel cylindrical containers and characteristically dented, I love its identity.
We were hungry the minute the food was placed on the table it went clear in a record time especially when the Tim Sum was so delicious. We need not have to worry as the replenishment was quick and efficient, let's enjoy the food.
I noticed that as time goes by the sizes of the the Tim Sum are getting smaller and smaller, the siew mai is tiny, cute but still yummy.
Steamed bun or pau is another soft and delicious bite, what a small helping that comes with various choices like siew yoke, sang yoke, lin yung etc etc.
I love the Lo Mai Kai, the fried fish ball was good but I I prefer the one by Mee Bon Ipoh Road. It was in deed a good detour for a breakfast and something different from Kuala Lumpur. After having satisfied ourselves with the wonderful Tim Sum we headed on to Kulim. The eating adventure continues.....

Ming Court Hong Kong Tim Sum Sdn. Bhd.
32, 34, 36, Jalan Leong Sin Nam,
30300 Ipoh,
Tel: +605-2557134
GPS : 4.596921, 101.086217

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