Monday, February 08, 2016

First Family Ride at Penang Bicycle Lane

It was time to travel back to Penang to celebrate a new Chinese Year, Year of Monkey. I took the chance to bring my folding bicycles back for the whole family to use during the holidays.
We parked our cars at Chulia Street, set up our bicycles and started visiting some of the street murals as we pedalled towards south for Queensbay Mall.
I was very happy to see for the first time that the whole family was able to cycle together.
Besides the bonding we were enjoying the beautiful scenery along the bicycle lane.
My boys were suffering from butt aches as they have not been cycling regularly, I was glad they have completed the ride of at least 25km for the day. I wish they will continue to pedal more often as a good workout for them. 

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Jotaro Zen said...

I like the music, very lively!