Friday, October 21, 2016

Wei Ji Claypot Chicken Rice 韦吉瓦煲鸡饭 at Setapak Kuala Lumpur

A young man happily posing for me to take a picture of him. Cheers!
The pricing is very reasonable RM13.00 for a large pot with standard ingredients like slices of Chinese sausage, a piece of salted fish on a small sauce and of course the marinated chicken.
The taste is not the best of all but it is reasonably acceptable. Next time we would add on for more in it.
There isn't many other side orders to pick, we had a plate of poached lettuce to go with our dinner.
It is an old corner house with covered extension of an old housing scheme surrounded by Chong Hwa Chinese School and highrise apartments. It is popular and always crowded with people savouring their claypot chicken rice. It is advisable to go there early or later part of their business time in order to get a table without much waiting. We went there about 8.40pm (kind of after peak hour) and was able to get one easily but the soup were all sold out.
Wei Ji Claypot Chicken Rice
112, Jalan Chong Hwa, 
Kuala Lumpur
Business Hours : 5pm to 10pm.
GPS : 3.199034, 101.70778

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