Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Ride Your City 2016 - The Weekend that Bicycles Gathered for a Good Cause

Old Kuala Lumpur was invaded by bicycles for the whole Sunday and it was a great scene indeed.
It was the first week of the month where City Hall will prepare certain streets in Kuala Lumpur for a car free morning.
Meeting friends on a regular basis fortnightly on a car free morning and as usual everyone was looking good and cheerful.
It was time to move over to Medan Pasar where once upon a time there were many bicycles used during the olden days. And today we see bicycle movement everywhere on the street of Kuala Lumpur, how nice if we can see such sight everyday. 
These kids are good and skillful, continue to kayuh and stay safe dik.
I saw him earlier and asked him to do it again so that I can capture it and happily he did it for me. Thanks again young man.
The weather was superb and it was nice continuously meeting friends who have one thing in common that is everyone loves cycling.
My salute to Pedal Malaya for creating this awareness and I am sure slowly but surely the public is getting aware of the existence growing cycling force. Continue promoting and keep up the good work.
Classic bicycles at the exhibition hall on the upper floor of 2 Hang Kasturi.
I tried the nasi lemak bungkus with a deep fried chicken with rempah, it was super delicious. Milo and mineral water were on the house.
At 2 Hang Kasturi there were Bike talks, Bike movies, exhibitions and merchandise for sales.
Kim & a colleague at their booth on bike sharing.
Pak Kong sharing on bicycle insurance especially for those own expensive bicycles.
The booth of "The Basikal" with Akmal.
Happy cyclists feeling at home at 2 Hang Kasturi.
Kim trying her best on fastest folding challenge.
For the first time I would see the gathering of these skillful BMX riders and it was lovely to see them in action.
I guess it takes years of training to handle these bikes, well done Bro!
A day before I enjoyed taking part in this slowest race, I got booted after the second round.
A short clip on the second day (Sunday)

Come out from your house if you feel like cycling again and have not done it for a long long time. See you on the road.

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