Monday, November 28, 2016

Restoran Tien Tien Lai at Jalan Pudu 天天来饭店

Yes everyday comes to Tien Tien Lai Restaurant at Jalan Pudu. It is just annexed to the Post Office. The last time I came to this eatery probably 30 years ago.
Restoran Tien Tien Lai have been in existence for more than 40 over years and Jason remembered this place and its signature steamed egg dish. The kitchen is at the alley between the post office and a block of shops with a couple of small tables. We parked our bicycles here safe under watchful eyes of the operator as we went over two lots away for a bigger table for our dinner.
A complimentary chicken soup with old cucumber for a start.
Stir fried lotus root with button mushroom, carrot, baby corn and pea with topping of shredded dried cuttlefish. This was a good choice and very tasty.
Tofu with golden fried skin and a rounded base. The inside is smooth, it tasted good with the soy sauce and some spring onion topping. We had it without the minced meat on top and it was equally tasty.
This curry fish head was yummy we literally cleaned up the whole bowl shining. It came with lot of veggie in it and it was so appetising. It went so well with the plain white rice. 
Stir fried Kangkong with garlic.
Signature dish of a steamed three yolk egg custard (蒸三黄蛋) a combination of egg, salted egg and century egg comes with a small bowl concoction of soy sauce, pepper and sesame seed oil. It was smoothly delicious we had 2 types on the table one with minced meat and one without. Both were good.
Salted steamed kampong chicken.
14 of us came with our folding bicycles for a meal at Restoran Tien Tien Lai and we enjoyed the dinner very much. Thumb up for Tien Tien Lai though we won't be coming everyday but we will surely come back again.

Tien Tien Lai Restaurant 

490, Jalan Pudu (behind POS Malaysia Pudu)
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
GPS : 3.134304, 101.713922

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