Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Day 4 - Hoi An when it is flooded.

I woke in the morning hoping that the water level will subside but instead the condition got worsen. The water had entered into the verendah. And there goes our plan of islets hopping with our bicycles.
We took a boat out to a drier area of Hoi An and the boat fare has been consistent with their charges 50,000 Dong per person per trip. The morning remained wet with stronger wind and intermittent drizzle. 
I guessed almost all the houses along the river banks were flooded just like Long Life Hotel, the boatman changed his decision to stop at Japanese Bridge probably it was crowded or the current was too strong and we had to go a little farther at another road for our disembarkation.
We had a chance to witness a funeral procession, I have never seen such a colourful Chinese funeral before the people were wearing traditional Chinese costume in the procession.
Hokkien (it is spelt as Phuc Kien in Hoi An) Assembly Hall one of the 5 prominent assembly halls in Hoi An. It houses the Goddess of Ocean Thean Hou.
Hoi An Old Market, the rear was flooded but it was still busy and crowded with people in the morning.
The food looks very tempting and how I wish I could have the appetite to eat at the moment.

Little did I know that I have to pay for entrance fee into this ancient town then I realised the same for Georgetown of Penang where a similar fee for UNESCO listed places found in the bill when I was in Penang couple of months back. Only after paying the fee I managed to get a copy of the town map.
Entrance fee or rather contribution for UNESCO The World Heritage the Ancient Town of Hoi An which comes with five entrance passes and costing 120,000 Dong per person.
One of the many old houses we visited and I could not remember this one.
A memorial relief of Polish architect Kazimierz Kwiatkowsky, who lived in Viet Nam for 16 years and helped popularise the ancient town of Hoi An.
This small covered bridge is an icon of Hoi An. A bridge was first constructed in the 1590s by the Japanese community to link them with the Chinese community at the opposite side of the water.
There were a few mobile stalls selling banana and prawn fritters. Between Malaysian prawn fritter and Vietnamese's, I prefer our Malaysian cucur udang.
Our second round food savouring at this shop, the pricing is all attractive and obviously it was crowded, sharing table is common. The food wise is good though in a smaller portion.
It was time to go back to the hotel for a rest. Our original was to cycle to the islets of this charming country side but due to the flood we were unable to do it this time. Actually we were not allowed to board the boat at that time, I guess it was considered dangerous as the water level was pretty high. Our boat operators had some argument with the Police then they lead us to this narrow lane to board the boat where we secretly rowed off.

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