Wednesday, January 11, 2017

First time to Vietnam and Welcome to Danang

My apology for the long silence here, Sometime August last year I have committed into something back to school and would be busy until mid 2017 but I will try to post a few. First of all, a Happy New Year 2017 to you.
I decided to visit Vietnam especially after hearing so much of Hoi An from Cheng a couple of years back. We took a week off for the trip together with our Bromptons. It was via Airasia we flew from Kuala Lumpur to Danang. Here we were at the Danang International Airport after setting up our bicycles and ready to roll looking for our accommodation. 
The traffic system is different from Malaysia everything is in the opposite direction just like the American traffic system. Many times we were on the opposite direction.
The accommodation we were staying isn't too far from the airport but our GPS navigating device took us for a longer route to avoid busy and major roads. We stayed at Cosy Riverside Villa, Thong Long Road (Lotte Mart is about a km away) 
Immediately after checking into the villa we went out into the busy streets of Danang. Jo was fearful of the traffic but after some coaxing she felt calmer and  was slowly getting used to the system.
At the Dragon Bridge over River Han and this is one bridge one would not miss when they are in Danang. It was raining but kind of a light rain.
We went roaming in the city of Danang and it went into the night as we passed by this beautiful Dragon Bridge again with its various lighting effects.
A simple meal at a chicken rice shop not too far from the Dragon Bridge for dinner.
Day 1 - we rode for about 32km exploring Danang with our Bromptons including the route from the Airport to Cosy Riverside Villa. The biggest challenge of the day was to cross a busy street of Danang. You just need to bravely push the bicycle across the zebra crossing, they would not wait for you to cross but they will accommodate your crossing.

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