Thursday, June 15, 2017

Hyderabad Biryani House, Brickfields Kuala Lumpur

Another great place to eat biryani rice and this is the Hyderabad Biryani House found in Brickfields. Thank to Chew for recommending this gem to us. Please do check this place out before they shift to other premises though they have a branch in Shah Alam and another coming up in Sentul.
I was initially skeptical of the place when we first arrived as there were no customer in shop and the atmosphere did not impress at all. But actually they were just about to start the lunch session and true enough the crowd slowly came in to pack up the place.
Chew had his hands on papadum first while we were waiting for our Biryani rice to be served.
The pot of biryani rice is big and colourful filled with loose and long grainy rice to maximum. The guy handling the service ask us whether we want it normal and spicy. It seems that if you request spicy he will dig at the lowest layer of darker red in colour. You could sense warm and wonderful aroma of Biryani rice when standing close to the pot.
A plate of Biryani rice with a choice of chicken meat hidden underneath priced at RM12.00 and the portion of rice is really big probably for 2 persons if they are small eaters. Besides chicken meat they serve mutton on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.
Exposing the perfectly cooked chicken for the camera before we start digging into this delicious dish.
The minute we got our food the crowd intensified and fortunately we were early.
Brinjal is a favourite among its variety and it surely tasted delicious.
Other dishes of veggie like cauliflower and fried bitter gourds are also seen at the servery counter.
Fried chicken meat dry and without any gravy.
Choices of other chicken meat in different flavour and taste.
Have a great experience at Hyderabad Birayani House if you have not try it before.

 No 46, Jalan Berhala, Brickfields,
 Kuala Lumpur
.(Tel: 03-2260 7036/012-2237036)
 Business hours: 11am -10.30pm, daily
GPS : 3.128699, 101.688484