Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Restoran Yau Choy at Jalan Puchong, Taman Kinrara

It was a Wednesday evening we were on our usual weekly ride exploring places in Klang Valley. Originally we wanted to try out the famous curry fish head near the Giant (formerly Bintang Supermarket) but unfortunately it was closed. Our local buddy Soo was quick and suggested an alternative eatery which was nearby and that was how I came across Yau Choy Restaurant. It is located at the old Puchong Road (7 1/2 Miles).
Poached kampong chicken was yummy which was served chopped ginger sauce. Everyone was super happy with the first dish.
Then came a plate of stir fried celery with roasted pork. I like it the taste was was just perfect and went well with my plain rice.
Lam Yee deep fried pork belly seems to be a popular dish at Yau Choy Restaurant but I think there are better ones in town.
Tofu fried with fresh prawns was gorgeous and it was empty pretty fast.
The next was a seafood cuisine and it was a fried squid, nothing fantastic but palatable.
Stir fried kangkong passed the mark, it was good and prefect.
This steamed tilapia was the grand finale it was delicious and the best among the dishes. The meat was tender, well prepared by the cook and everyone simply love it.
This dessert was a great dessert it was served warm and not too sweet. That's a great way to end our lovely dinner at Jalan Puchong.
That was it, a satisfying meal which was rather sumptuous and it was surely worth the while to cycle 18km for the food. We took a different route back and enjoyed visiting the old town of Petaling Jaya.
Restoran Yau Choy

Lot 3489, Batu 7 1/2, Jalan Puchong,
47100, Puchong, Selangor, 
Tel: +60 3-8075 7769
GPS : 3.060082, 101.643702

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