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Cycle Mekong Delta Day 4 Ho Chi Minh to My Tho

The time was 7.00am we were set to leave Ho Chi Minh city before the traffic gets heavier. We kept some of our stuffs here in the hotel and will be back to this hotel after a couple of days exploring Mekong Delta.
Slowly we rolled out south bound towards our destination. Our target was to reach My Tho by end of the day.
The morning crowd comprising of people buying food in the morning and motorbikes piling up to either going to works or to the market.
Marketing at the roadside is commonly seen in Vietnam despite the heavy traffic flow passing by. The people don't seems to be bothered by the traffic. Honking from the motor bikes and vehicles are just like music to them. A music of caution to the traffic users.
After about 13km of cycling we decided to stop for our breakfast at a place that seems to be popular among the locals. 
Most of us were attracted by the BBQ meat rice, the ladies serving the food while a man at the side barbecuing the meat.
My choice of the food for the morning.
After the breakfast we decided to take the secondary roads which are of lesser traffic and quieter.
A group 6 yellow shirt cyclists on small wheels making the the local smiling as we tried to communicate with them.
A typical small town scene with people crowding at market areas doing their daily chores and as usual motor bikes are every where.
At our KM26 we took a stop for fresh coconut water with each a plastic kola and a glass of ice cube to quench our thirst. I simply love the coconut water it's so soothing and tasty. Located somewhere along Nguen Huu Tri road with a GPS location at 10.657465, 106.506222
 Hammock rest place is a common thing in this part of the world. It is indeed an excellent place relax and rest before one continues its journey.
Buddhist temple Chua Phouc Bao with a huge Buddha statue standing right in front of the temple GPS : 10.634737, 106.466623 We were here at our KM32.
The was an event going on inside the temple some of the youngsters were attracted by our bicycles and one of them even jumped into my Brompton for a spin around the temple. Fortunately he did not ride it away.
A short while at the rear of the temple before we went on with our journey.

This shade is formed by plants that looks like a building.
Later we saw a big monument with a Vietnamese flag flying from the main road at KM42 and later we found out that it was a Military cemetery at Long An GPS : 10.562386, 106.419037
In the inside of the military memorial park where the cemetery is situated.
Next to the cemetery there is a monument park GPS : 10.559866, 106.418190
We noted that there are many people selling these lottery tickets irrespective whether in the towns or in the rural areas.
All six of us bought our Vietnamese conical hats (sometime referred as farmer's hat) at this shop for 32,000 Dong.
Our first pose with the conical hats in front of a restaurant next to the shop where we bought the hats. 
We continued the ride all wearing the hats, all looking like local farmers. The route was pretty quiet and nice to cycle.
Enjoying the view of Bao Dinh Canal while we were waiting of our lunch to be served. Location at Ngugen Cuu Van Road GPS : 10.524554, 106.403818
Playing with a toddler while waiting for our food to come.
By now we have passed the town Tan An and into the rural areas towards to the direction of My Tho with an anticipation of the elements of Mekong Delta to emerge.
The weather was superb we do not to have to fear the chance of raining and thunderstorm as forecast.
There is a lot of coconut productions seen which later I understand that it is one of the main national economy of Vietnam and the country is the world's eighth largest producer of coconuts,
Based on the GPS route we were supposed to cross this bridge but it was closed for repair and we were directed to use another route. And so we have ventured the new route.
We were not sure of the direction we were heading and crossing a narrow bridge that led us to new horizon.
But nevertheless the scene in the area was awesome and the route was a narrow concrete pavement.
Which also led us to vegetation of this farm.
Still on the narrow track as we inched our way out of the farm. 
Finally we reached our destination with a distance of 75km to a town called My Tho. We were hungry and could not wait until dinner time.
The noodle soup (pho) was interesting and different from what I have seen earlier in other places. It was indeed a good find and the noodle was delicious.
After knocking a few hotel doors we ended up with Khách Sạn Tấn Lộc 2, Phường 1, Thành phố Mỹ Tho GPS : 10.352915, 106.362538
The route we took on Day 4 Ho Chi Minh to My Tho for a distance of 75km.

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