Thursday, September 06, 2018

CFAL 10 - Day 4 The Day Itself

We came to Penang during the most popular time for cycling which was the CFAL evenet and it was the tenth year in a row. But this group of friends did not take part in the event on that particular morning hence I took the liberty to take them for a ride to Kek Lok Si Temple in Air Itam.
We met at Farlim and rode to one of the largest and finest temple in Southeast Asia near Penang Hills. Before climbing to the top of the hill for this statue Goddess of Mercy also known as Kuan Yin we had our breakfast at the foodcourt next to Air Itam Market.
The bronze statue of Kuan Yin stands a height of 30.2 metres (99feet)  and is housed in a pavilion with a octagon shape roof. It was not easy to cycle up with my tiny wheels most of us had to dismount and push at certain stretch.
A good place to view Air Itam, George Town and the near by sea from this elevation.
It was time to roll down the hill and back to city centre.
We visited Air Itam War Memorial also known as Oversea Chinese Anti-war Memorial located next to a roundabout with exits to Penang Hill and Air Itam Market.
A memorial to remember the Chinese people of Penang who died during the Japanese Occupation in World War II and those who volunteered as lorry drivers and mechanics to send supplies to China via Indochina.
An interesting history many people is not aware of and it will interesting to probe further the details of this happening. Thanks to the present State Government for supporting this memorial park.
I proceeded to the finishing point of CFAL 10 where it was relocated back to Esplanade instead of Youth Park. Many have consented that the finishing at Esplanade was a good choice. Meeting many friends from all over whom joined the event almost every year. Another successful CFAL event and congratulation to the organisers.
Met another group of friends from Kuala Lumpur where we decided to try the cendol in Penang Road after staying a while at Esplanade. 
The famous Penang Teochew cendol has been very much over rated and the quality of the cendol has dipped. Personally I prefer the stall directly opposite it, less waiting time and most importantly it's delicious.
One shot at the many wall murals around the area as I was heading back to Air Itam.
On my way back to Farlim I stopped by at this coconut stall for a drink along Datuk Keramat Road.
The weather remained very hot and a fresh coconut water was undeniably the best choice in such situation.

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