Saturday, September 01, 2018

CFAL 10 - Day 2 - Yan to Penang island

The day started off with a strong wind and rain as we were about to commence the ride. After about 20 mins of waiting we took the road even though it was still drizzling.
Wet and misty at the background as we braved the situation, we were running late and had to move on.
By the time we reached this warong we were quite hungry and were very happy to find some lovely food for us. There were nasi lemak, kuah muih and the hot drinks.
Mounting the ascend of Merbok Yan Kechil road was the most difficult climb of the day. Brian the strongest among all was in the lead.
We were then rewarded with a good view of the sea and the coast of Merbok. This would probably be the ancient sea that the traders from India and Middle East who came to Merbok Valley. Evident of such incidents were found and it is still in the progress of uncovering more artifacts. Indeed an awesome find for the history of Malaysia.
The weather got better with cool air after the rain as we approached closer to Tanjung Dawai.
Leaving Tanjung Dawai Jetty on a boat for Pantai Merdeka with a fare of RM7.00 each including the bicycle.
The last time I came here with Larry Chelvan there was no such jetty, we had to wet our shoes walking on the shore for the boat.
While the group took a walk to the British World War 2 bunker I volunteered to stay back taking care of the bicycles.
At the exit of Pantai Merdeka and a picture to mark our visit. 
Again a beautiful skyline and paddy fields as we continued to pedal our way to Penang.
We wanted to use this coastal way but the condition of the road was not too friendly with rough gravel and the sea water was dangerously splashing against the embankment hence we had to re-route and used Road K639.
Finally we reached the memorial for 2004 Boat Tsunami at Kg. Permatang Rengan GPS : 5.586314, 100.339820
Good to be back again to witness the extraordinary fish market. The fishermen sell their catch by way of whispering from the bidders and the best offer will get to secure the catch.
Kompleks Pasar Bisik Ikan Kuala Muda GPS : 5.578488, 100.341039 There is another similar market at the other side of the river mouth and it is the Seberang Prai's whispering market.
Brian practising his whispering skill, I wonder what was the offering price for Joe's Brompton.
The ancient administrative town of Kedah at Kota Kuala Muda before it was moved to Alor Setar.
Somewhere along Jalan Kuala Muda (GPS : 5.568295, 100.360606) at a warong for a good lunch. They enjoyed the delicious gulai for our nasi campur and soup.
 The weather was getting rather hot as we arrived at the Royal Malaysian Air Force Butterworth (along Jalan Telok Air Tawar) GPS : 5.464855, 100.382595
Celebrating the group completion of the tour at 323 Seafood Restaurant, Pantai Bersih, Butterworth GPS : 5.442860, 100.378926. Larry Chelvan later came and joined us for the celebration. So nice to have the cold beer after a super hot ride.
We have been using the side gate of the Ferry Terminal a couple of time for a short cut to embark onto the ferry. The access road to the gate is finally done no more cycling on dirt road. The Butterworth Bus Terminal building has finally completed.
As usual the cyclists will be the last to disembark from the ferry.
Yes we have landed in Penang Island and congratulation to Joe & the team for their achievement of this northern tour.
Dinner was at an old restaurant called Hing Kee Restaurant at China Street. GPS : 5.417978, 100.339580
I enjoyed the food at Hing Kee and ended the evening taking a Grab car back to my mum's place. It was indeed a long day.
The route we took on this day from Yan to Penang.

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