Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Home Cooked Dishes @ Paramount Garden

If you are craving for some simple home cooked dishes, I would recommend Restoran Ping Wah at Jalan 20/23, Paramount Garden, Petaling Jaya. The shop signage in the front is so old that you have to strain your eyes to figure out the name. This shop has been around in Paramount for more than 35 years and it is still very popular. There are patrons whom have been eating at the shop since bachelor days and are still visiting the place but this time with their families.
There are two favourite dishes in this place;

" Ma Yeaw Yee"

"Ho Lan Shi Chee Yoke".

The operator of this shop is none other than Mr. Teoh Ah Geok (my father in-law lah)
assisted by his daughter, Ah Chan and son in-law Ah Chong. They will be retiring from this business by year end and will be taken over by a new management.

"Hum Yee Cheng Chee Yoke" A lot of my friends are now frequenting the place before the new management takes over.

"Sam Yong Tan"

Simple food yet lovely. Go try the foods and I guarantee you will not regret. Happy hunting.


Soo said...

Great home-cooked dishes!
Posted some photos:

and a link to your post as well

happy happy said...

Glad you love the food there and thank for the linkage, Mr. Soo