Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sri Rampai Wet Market

One of my typical weekend morning activities is going to “pasar” and usually it is either Sri Rampai Market or Air Panas Market. Sri Rampai market is just a mere 150 metres long market along a public road with stalls on both sides and comparing to Air Panas Market where it is a properly planned and built market by the Authority.

These are images of Sri Rampai Market.

This fish monger does not have a proper stall, his brisk business is just on the road side.

Colourful stall of fruits

Mum at favourite chicken stall

Pork and roasted pork stalls.

Vegetables stall

There is this quote which I heard recently from a friend,
"vegetable farmer does not eat vegetable,
pig breeder does not eat pork,
Chicken breeder does not eat chicken"

Think carefully what quality of foods are we eating these days.

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