Thursday, November 08, 2007

Nando's Challenge

It was a dinner of alternative and adventure, first Xiang Yi was gamed for Kenny Roger Roaster and everyone has no dispute over his suggestion as this mum's promise was long over due. While on the way to the nearest Kenny Roger's outlet we changed our minds again and opted for Nando's instead because of the drizzle and hassle free car parking in Jaya Jucos Wangsa Maju.
Nando's was packed with patrons that evening must be the Dawali holiday.
We were fortunate at that time; we were given a "special" room at a private corner of the outlet.
The adventure then begins with the choice selection of level of chilli hotness for each and every individual orders. My youngest son took the kiddies menu, 2nd son & mum opted for mild hot, the eldest for extra hot and me just hot. Every one of us got not much of a problem with the peri peri hotness except the two younger ones after venturing in the hot peri peri sauce.
Anyway, every one of us enjoyed the foods very much, generally each of us had a quarter chicken and was still not satisfied after the meal. We ordered another half chicken to share, maybe due to inflation the size of the chicken offered these days have shrunk. I tell you my family really can eat, no wonder my 2nd son is now catching up with no. 1 in roundness. I am having problems controlling their diets.

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