Saturday, February 09, 2008

Gathering of Kulim Schoolmates & Friends

The Man Section.

What a hectic day for me, this gathering was the last activity of the day and was so tired and sleepy as I drove back to Sg. Petani from Taman Machang Bubok.
I am very sorry for forgetting an old classmate of mine, Prema, after all these years, my brain cells must deteriorating. But after the gathering, memories of Badlishah days started to recollect vividly. My sincere apology to Prema. I can now remember the Prema, a schoolgirl neatly dressed in white shirt and blue uniform, of course, with the school badge. Always neat and tidy....right...

This was the tea house where we gathered ourselves and sembang till wee hours of the morning.
The Lady Section.

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