Friday, February 08, 2008

Lembah Bujang @ Sg. Petani

After lunch we went for something educational, not everyone's meat but at least they have been there before, an Archaeological Museum located somewhere near Merbok, Kedah.
Bujang Valley stretches all the way from Gunung Jerai in the North to Sungai Muda in the South. The area concentrated around the mouth of Sungai(River) Muda has been of economic importance to Kedah since as early as the 5th Century AD. Buddhist inscriptions found in the valley were proof that the Indian traders were already making frequent visits to the area during these early periods. However 2 centuries before, Malay mariners were already making long-distance voyages across the Bay of Bengal, trading rainforest produce in return for metals, textiles and other rarities much sought after in their homelands as status symbols. By the 7th century, trade with the Indians, Arabs and Chinese merchants in the Straits of Melaka had increased tremendously and the Bujang Valley evolved into an entrepôt. The early mariners were totally reliant on the monsoon seasons, which also was dictated by the wind patterns. Therefore, it was impossible to make a voyage from China to India in one season. The traders had to wait out for the wind change in safe harbours such as at Bujang Valley.

Some of the photos taken in the museum.

Water feature to attract the kids.

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