Friday, February 08, 2008

Komplek Jetty Merbok, Sg Petani

Another experience for the family where we were able to take a joy cruise along the River Merbok.

The boat.

We had light refreshment before the boat cruise.

It was a good experience for the young ones to take such a ride in this Merbok River, eventhough my mother was skeptical about it initially.

The ladies sitting obediently and enjoying the breeze.

Yong Lim & Family.

Yen Aik enjoying the ride.
Hin Hoe & his son, Chin Siong.

We were able to see the beautiful mangrove vegetation along the river and the long legged white birds (bagau).

The jetty complex which is still under extension.

Visiting a platform rearing fishes was another fantastic experience we will treasure this forever.

Walking on narrow timber pathways was interesting, if you are not careful you might fall into the water.

Beautiful sun set as we cruised down the river.

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