Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Another Public Rail Transport Adventure in KL

There are 4 types of mass rail transportation in Klang Valley which are STAR LRT, PUTRA LRT, KL Mono Rail & KTM Kommuter.
Off the 4 types, KL Mono Rail is a joke, just like a theme park train merely for joy rides. That is exactly what KL Mono Rail is, a train with 2 miserable short coaches and expecting to cater thousands of commuters in the city.
My experience this morning can vouch this joke.
A ticket counter with missing attendant, got to shout it out a while before he appears.
A clock showing 2 something when the time was actually 9.30am, mind you, this clock was still clocking and alive but showing other time zone in other part of the world.
Here comes the train,
And these people is unable to board as it was sardine packed and has to wait the next round…..
I guess this theme park train is better than none, and the people of Kuala Lumpur has to live with it.
Hello Malaysia, wake up!!!
At least the Putra LRT is better and has longer or more coaches for the commuters.

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