Saturday, August 02, 2008

CNY Visit to 5th Uncle's House @ Padang Serai 1996

It was the third day of Chinese New Year 1996, where we went to the cowboy town, Padang Serai, where the place I was born, in Padang Serai , in 1958.. This is my 5th Uncle, Sim Boon Kiang, younger brother of my late father.

My sister, Sin Bee Leng.
Me with my cousin brother Ah Meng.

Daughter in-law and grand child of my 5th uncle.
Another cousin brother, Ah Meng is now a businessman married to a bumiputera, a Kadazan and a lovely wife.

Family members of Padang Serai watching Lion Dance outside the house.
2nd cousin brother (Ah Lek) with his daughter.
Brother in-law (Khoo Hin Hoe) with his 3rd child.

My mother in a joyous mood at my uncle's house.

Jo with baby & botak Xiang Yi preparing to go to Padang Serai @ 555 Green Lane Penang.

A typical Chinese New Year gathering at my uncle's house.
My cousin sister
Eldest cousin brother, Sim Yam Seong

Eldest Daughter in-law and Grand children of Sim Boon Kiang.

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