Wednesday, August 20, 2008

KIP Sri Utara, Selayang

This Building Contract has to be completed by 15 September 2008, we are working very hard to achieve this dateline.

This picture shows the completion of the excavation work for the construction of surface drain, which has been completed by now, this image was taken on 27 July 2008. As at todate, all surface drain has completed.

We has commenced construction of the concrete road kerb after laying the first layer of crusher run of the road construction.

Machine used for the constructon of the concrete road kerb.

Tapping of water supply pipe to houses (picture only showing two points on the water pipe ready to be connected to the meter chamber) and the red pipes are sleeves laid to allow electrical cable to be easily laid and connected to the houses for power supply( this cable laying will be executed by the National Electricity Board or locally known as TNB)

Concrete texture stamping for the driveway / car pouch.

We hope we will complete the Contract in time, or else we will be penalised for late completion of the project and it will be costly. We hope that the Developer can deliver the completed houses to their purchasers on time with no late delivery or compensation is involved in this Phase 4 of this Development.

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