Wednesday, August 20, 2008


A stye is a common infection which occurs on the eyelid, and is similar to a pimple. It arises from glands in the lid becoming infected, and the pores which allow the glandular material to escape becoming clogged. The best way to treat a stye is to increase the blood flow to the area and keep the pores open. We do this by keeping the area clean and applying warm compresses.The best way to apply moist heat is to use a baked potato or hard boiled egg with the shell removed. Wrap the potato or egg in a moist wash-cloth. Both of these foods hold their heat for a long time, so constant dipping of the washcloth in warm water isn’t needed. Hold the warm pack over the closed eye for about ten minutes – try to repeat this at least three or four times a day. If the entire lid is red and/or swollen, always let your eye doctor check it out. The entire lid being red may indicate a much more serious condition.

Styes are generally caused by a
Staphylococcus aureus bacteria infection. Although they are particularly common in infants, styes are experienced by people of all ages. Styes can be triggered by stress or poor nutrition.

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