Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Construction Progress of Tsun Jin Extension Project

Time is running out for us to finish the project. Fortunately during the Chinese New Year break, we had the opportunity to continue some of the preparatory works as most of the workers are foreigners like Indonesians, Bangladeshi and Indians. As for works involving Chinese workers, we have a slight problem as their holidays were long and not helping us at all.

The Project is phased out into 2 phases; Phase 1 is a portion annexing the existing buildings comprising of Car Parking space (part of the overall parking), the Garden, Volleyball court and Basketball Court.
Phase 2 comprising of the Multipurpose Hall &The Auditorium and the remaining Car Parking space.

Once this project is completed, this School is going to be the one of the best Independent Chinese Secondary School in the country.The students are keen to use the new facilities; they are keen to try the new courts never before in the history of Tsun Jin High School in Kuala Lumpur with such a high quality for the students. The parents and students of Tsun Jin High School should be proud of the development since it was first established in 1913.

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