Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sim Khong Aun - A Friend from Padang Serai

Sim Khong Aun is an old friend of mine from Padang Serai and is now residing at Subang Jaya. This is their latest family photo taken during the recent CNY reunion dinner.- back row left is his youngest son: Teong Jing, Form3, SMK USJ 12.
- eldest son Teong Piao at the middle, currently taking up Civil Engineering at UTAR.
- on the left is his second son, Teong Eu, studying mass com. at TARC
And of course, my lovely wife Lily.

We used to hang out very frequent in Padang Serai during our primary and lower secondary schools days. We used to stay at same road (Jalan Bagan) in the small town of Padang Serai.
We have not been seeing each other for a long time and we were fortunate to bump into one another during our journey back homes for CNY at Sungai Perak Highway R&R. What a coincidence he happened to park his car next to mine. For a moment, I could not recognize him. What a nice way to meet an old friend - Aun & me when we were young.... Ooi Bee Tin, myself, Khong Aun and David Chen Teck Chan (this guy is now residing at Taman SEA Petaling Jaya, always in touch with him and always keeping me informed of the latest news in Padang Serai)

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