Friday, February 20, 2009

Soon Futt Bak Kut Teh @ Kulai, Johor

After we have finished our meeting at Tampoi, I took the Lai’s Brothers to Kulai for Bak Kut Teh (BKT done the Kulai way) at Restoran Soon Futt. It is located along the main road of Kulai (same row with an oversea bank). This is my second visit here and now they have expanded their premises with nice décor and it is air-conditioned.
The couple running this BKT shop is a dancing enthusiast. You can see pictures of their hobbies on the wall of this restaurant.
Yeaw Char Koay is served in a different way, theirs is barbequed slightly. Good idea, it burns off the extra oil found on the Yeaw Char Koay. A pot of mixed BKT, the soup is plain but tasty. The dark sauce BKT is equally nice where the pork leg is well cut and selected, dried bean curds are found in this dish (different again from KL). We also ordered a plate of Assam fish. Well, it tasted good too.Chilli served here is with dark soya sauce.Having a meal of BKT must have a bowl of rice. After our lovely late lunch, we headed to Muar, actually slightly outskirt of Muar, a place called Bakri to visit a potential job site. The road leading to the job site. Hope that we can conclude this deal and will be in this part of the world often.

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