Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ban Chien Koay a.k.a. Apom Balik (Peanut Pan Cake) @ Setapak

Ever since I was a kid I love to eat this pan cake called "Ban Chien Koay" in Hokkien at the northern states of Peninsula Malaysia and it is also known as "Apom Balik". I still love it very much.

The Apom Balik seller spreads the batter on the heated pan evenly and making sure it is not too thick.

Then sprinkle some pound peanut, sugar and margarine into the pan.

And not forgetting to add on some sweet corns to enhance the flavour and excite the taste of a Ban Chien Koay.

At last the family size Ban Chien Koay is ready, cut into 6 manageable bites and eat them when it is piping hot. RM3.00 for this pan cake.

Restoran Ooi Soon
2, Jalan 45/26
Taman Sri Rampai
Kuala Lumpur

GPS : 3.195657,101.732679

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