Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Crisis of High Blood Pressure

Another crisis in my life has just registered though I am on medication for high blood pressure but the drug I was taking is not working well. I was feeling lousy for the last 2 weeks with aching neck, stiff shoulder and tired eyes. Now I am trying a heavier dosage of Ternomin (Atenolol) of 100mg instead of 50 mg for a week.
 This device came in timely it was from Citibank redemption award. It looks like I have to monitor my BP reading regularly. And most importantly as Dr. Prem Kumar said watch what I eat and what I drink.That was my actual reading in the picture.

The last time I blogged about my BP was on May 17 2009.


Danial Kamal said...

The reading is normal for a person at our ages of 50's, we can't be as at optimal of 82-120 ( Wish we can ). I use to be reading at 182-268 ..I survived gradually, surprisingly I can still communicate with a Doctor in charged during that time., I went into a minor stroke and recovering slowly. I have been in medication for almost 4 years, "Control our consumption"- Question, how much can we control our food, a desire of eating is always there for us. We can't control but we can minimised. My reading now is at 95=145 and it is my normal reading. Cool Bro'... the most important thing in life is Be HAPPY..Stop Thinking unnecessary and Always be Happy.

Kash said...

Dear Mr.Sin Tai Lim,

It is unfortunate that you are taking medication for your blood pressure. I'm an avid reader of your blog,from Ireland,but originally from Malaysia.
My advice from experience is, taking the medication is not the full solution.Since you said the medication does not agree with you, you should get a second opinion about it.
Also,when you start blood pressure medication, there are many side effects. Maybe, you should do some research, on the internet, and see what each blood pressure medication will do and discuss with your doctor.
Finally,diet and exercise is very the main ingredient for the control of your blood pressure. I'm sure you are aware, what blood pressure can lead to, so I hope you will take the necessary steps to control it.
Please take care of yourself,do it for your family, who always needs your support.

Sin Tai Lim said...

Danial Kamal - You are really cool man! Salute you and thanks for the encouragement.

Kash - It's so nice to know you are following this blog from a land so far away and happy that you are an avid follower. It means a lot to me. Thanks for the nice piece of advice from you. There are so many lovely friends of mine responded this posting many did it in facebook and I am would like to say Terima Kasih banyak2.