Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Share of where2go Cycling Event in Penang 2013

This is the route round the island of a distance of 85km starting & finishing at Esplanade.
7:13am - A few of us found this place for breakfast and I had a Kuay Teow Th'ng noodle & a kopi "O" as the fuel for the ride.

 A total 3,700 participants excluding ghost riders...

The trio from Kuala Lumpur - "I had a dream last night & I am going for it please pardon me..."
8:00 - The Penang Round Island Amateur Challenge begins
8:25 - Tun Lim Chong Eu Expressway. I was going as fast as I could at a flat terrain probably plus minus 28km/hr.
8:43 - a turning near Batu Maung 
9:14 - the start of the first climb. Fortunately it was still in the morning as we climb this elevated road structure looking steep, curvy and unfriendly.
At this climb many started to push.
9:18 - at a speed of 7 to 8km/hr still on the uphill ride.
9:20 - about at the tip of the climb and looking forward for the roll.
Thank you Cycling Malaysia for this lovely picture.
9:30 - a long stretch of kampong setting (maybe Kg. Paya Simpang Empat Genting) very scenic and flat.
10:03 - a little further after Balik Pulau town came the second messy drink station, I did bother to stop here.
10:10 the second ascend of this event with narrow road but good green canopy.
 There were a few more falls and pushing of bicycles.

10:21 - Reached this bridge at Titi Kerawang Waterfall
10:30 - I was very thirsty and was tempted to eat these spiky fruits but I told told myself only 100 Plus and nothing more, durian can come after the race. Stalls @ Titi Kerawang.
10:37 - I saw the first load of cyclists up in the Local Council lorry. Many are still waiting for the free ride.
10:37 - a friend called me from behind and I was glad to see Edwin Yap.
We followed the lorry sapu for a while but overtook it a moment later.
I had a good chat with Edwin as I was in a total silence while I was pedaling, no one to talk to and it was not my usual riding pattern.
10:50 - @ Teluk Bahang Dam, Edwin bade bye bye to me as he has to change gear for full speed ahead. Thanks to him as I knew I am going to make it at that distance and time.
11:21 - Teluk Bahang town, last year I had a long stop here...hehehe the food, the drink & the chatting.
11:35 - Tanjung Tokong, it was already near the esplanade and yet I had to stop for this bar. The last 8km was torturous I was weak & hungry....
11:55 - I felt very good as I approach the finishing line.
11:55 - I touched the finishing line with a time of 3 hr 55mins and was very happy with this achievement. Last year my round island ride (CFAL) took me 4 hr 50mins because I had a relax cruise and I told myself no more cruising this year but pedal and pedal as much as I can.....
12:05 - met this group of petty girls while I was on the way to collect my medal.
The Team Ori as usual was fast and I met them at the finishing line.
12:32 - One more Ori coming in.... poor Ping Teo had a muscle cramp.
 I shall return for more round island and I will do it like a yearly "pilgrimage".  

The medal for a good memory.
Photo courtesy of Folding Bike Malaysia & that's my brother Yong Lim with his team from Sg. Petani.


MASA said...
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Nazarudin said...

I don't even regret being left behind with Joe. I understand u have a dream. Even staying behind, we still do our best to reach the finishing line. Thanks to u again for touchering us at Kiara Hill on trainning.
Way to go Chief.

winson gan said...

Im surprised foldie can make it 4 hrs,
My mtb is 20 minutes behind , ur legs are very strong brother !

Hope to try on a foldie next round !

Winson, Penang.
Remember or not, I was the one
Who met u at the the stairs of town hall .

Sin Tai Lim said...

Hi Winson, of course i rememeber talking to you and you were supposed to join us for Butterworth ride. Hope to see you again. All the best bro!!!

winson gan said...

Hope bike pack to join you in your ride this raya holidays ,

Please let me know yr plan if there is,

Thanks, brother,
Blessings frm Penang.