Friday, June 07, 2013

Short but Strenuous at Damansara Heights

It was good to see this lady again and she was the first person whom I got myself involved in folding bikes. Thank you Well, my interest & desire to ride is still burning strong ....sometimes I amazed myself ... hehehe.......
Same time same place where a group of cyclists mostly of Ori Bikes would gather for a short training at Damansara Heights.
It has been quite a while since I last joined this group and it's nice to be back.
Everyone looks very energetic and just couldn't wait to burn off their calories
I was looking forward to push myself as hard as possible but I got my chain derailed at the first climb shifting the gears too fast and at the wrong the end the whole world was waiting for me at the top.....hehehe.
Helping one another with air pressure at Jalan Setiabistari at Climb No.1.
I was glad I did not have any difficulty going up Batai Climb (climb No.2).
The usual pit stop at Shell petrol station at Jalan Gelenggang.
Go is ever ready to assist you during the ride.
Climb No.3 Jalan Bruas is among the long stretches with an extra add-on climb  @ Persiaran Bruas (for those who want more pain and sweat).
Every single climb makes me pant and pains my calf muscles. That was what I wanted in frolic like this. Due to the condition of the weather we aborted climb No.4  (Beringin Climb). Never mind we can do it next time moreover we can drink earlier.... :)
All done for some good sweat and so much for a short exercise. Tomorrow is another rat race when the sun rises in a couple of hours time.
Thanks to Folding Bike Malaysia for organising this workout, I enjoyed it and I will come for more. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu.
A good Guinness after a hard day' ride.

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