Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Things that Happened before Our Where2go Ultimate Challenge.

Joseph created an event called "Penang Cross Ferry Ride" mainly for friends from Kuala Lumpur. Both of us co-hosted this event as both have done it once before during our last event "Cleaner Greener Penang".
On the noon of that Saturday I went over to Penang Chinese Town Hall to collect my goodies. 
I just cannot avoid this favourite shop of mine for an awesome taste of beef soup. This place is just opposite Bomba Fire Station at Chulia Street and it is very near Penang Chinese Town Hall.
I like it with rice. It was my late dad who first introduced this marvellous food to me and he ate it with rice.
After a great lunch I went roaming with my trusted horse and I bumped into Peter Lim from KL. Thanks Peter for this shot. 
Some of the places I visited.
Hour before the ride to Butterworth I went over to Penang Club for a good shower and a cold beer. It was quiet and relaxing with only the sound of sea waves and the breeze.
A few minutes before 5 o'clock I went back to the Town Hall to meet the group going to Butterworth and I met another group from KL they were there for their goodies. It was nice to see familiar faces coming for the same Ultimate Challenge.
One by one appearing and raring to go.
Off we went 16 of us with one more (Irene Cho) waiting at the jetty. So we began our added-on event during the eve of the Where2go Utimate Challenge.
Some of the pictures of our Penang heritage trail.
Hello my name is Larry de Yellow Man, I am the one who took this group around the Penang Heritage Trail. Call me next time if you want to visit this place. Check the Yellow Pages for my number. Thank You.
The members of this evening ride. Photo courtesy of Robert Cheong.
The jetty that we will be boarding after our quick visit at the Penang Port.
 A group photo was taken here.

The front group waiting at the motor lane for the fun ride.
A view from the back of the group patient ok .... the ferry is coming any moment....
This must be a good and memorable experience for most of us first time riding a bicycle into a ferry.
Images of our ferry ride to Butterworth.
A short cut out from the jetty to Butterworth Bus Terminal which is just next to it.
Nash on a high note 
A good place to stop for wash room at the Bus terminal before we continue our ride on the mainland.
At back of the R&R Butterworth Outer Ring Road. 
This place looks like a popular picnic area especially during the weekends.
I noticed when people are hungry things don't seems to be moving on smoothly....their moods are also, the solution was to quickly look for food before anyone of them turn green....hahaha.
A brief visit to the much talk about temple in Raja Uda known as Nine Emperor Temple.
Finally we got to the food court we wanted to visit after a torturing time cycling along Raja Uda. Can smell foods but cannot eat yet.
So it's makan time at RU Food Court. I can say there are plentiful of food to eat but I believe the quality of Penang is still better on the island.
Time to cycle back to Penang Island via Jalan Raja Uda. It is a busy road and certain stretches are dimly lit.
The ferry ride back to Penang and everyone had to sleep early for the ultimate event.....
Actually there was a recce carried out to specially check the condition of Raja Uda's route back to the island. Thanks to Seang Nee for the assistance.

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