Saturday, October 24, 2009

One Night in Kepong Baru Wet Market - Pak Thong

Let's dine...... in the wet market of Kepong Baru.

These were participants of the night who came here to Pak Thong Restaurant with 2 bottles of Dimples and expecting a good and memorable evening.

Kow Kia disappeared into the kitchen and came out with this specially fried dish by himself, a dish with oysters, squids, prawns, bean sprouts and eggs. It was something different and good. And the noodle soup on the right is actually Kow Kia’s signature dish his Pork Rib noodle, this one you must try.

Steamed fish head – fresh and tasty and a dish of vegetable stir fried with fermented bean curd.

The pig tail was hot favourite which finishes within seconds, that was how wonderful his pig tail was. On a healthier note a nutritious dish of steamed herbal village chicken. The gravy was heavenly good.

The pork intestines and the “Too Kar Wan” Pork were truly sinful but also truly delicious leh.... Worry later and let's enjoy the food.

The fried “beehoon” noodle with braised pork belly was simply delicious, there were silence from the table everyone was busy eating Kow Kia’s gorgeous food. The whitish jelly dish is a Hokkien delicacy which supposed to eaten together with the gravy of those porky dishes. Simply yummy…..

In deed it was a good evening for everyone, a night of good food and company. Thanks to Kow Kia and his marvelous dishes.
Pak Thong
Off Jalan Ambong,
Kepong baru.
Call Kow Kia's h/p no: 016-296-8700
GPS : 3.210334, 101.645470


Vivien said...

looks really good, seems like nobody blog about this place before...

the shop name pak thong?

hApPy HaPpY said...

vivien - I have not seen any blog on this Restoran Pak Thong. It's definitely worth a visit.

backStreetGluttons said...

the kow kia is very authentic , name , looks , tastes and all

hApPy HaPpY said...

like i said it worths a visit. try the food and let us know about it...maybe tell kow kia botak recommended his place... good luck...

Steven Goh said...

all looks great. wat a new place to be. Although I am not sure where is this exact place but will contact you to get there if I am around there :)