Sunday, March 08, 2015

Restoran Yau Tak Teng Damansara Kim PJ 有得顶海鲜菜馆

Restoran Yau Tak Teng was once upon a time at Taman Tun Dr Ismail and it has moved to Damansara Kim they are popular for their good food and pricing is found to be reasonable. During the day Golden Kim Wah serves good hawker foods so if you have not check this place out then I suggest you do it.
Fried Tofu with golden pumpkin gravy looks good, a dish that came to our table by mistake. Wait a minute, let me take a picture of it before it was taken away to the right table.
Assam steamed Tilapia was yummy and went well with the plain rice.
Marmite pork was a favourite among all the dishes.
Mui choy fried with kailan green veggie was tasty and crunchy.
Braised pork ribs could been better if it was a bit warmer and its texture slightly softer.
This seafood Tofu was good as far as I am concerned. I like it!
I love this herbal chicken, tasty, soft and delicious.
Let's cut this herbal chicken for my customers.
Thinly sliced bitter gourd fried with salt egg was another marvel. It simple good beside it wonderful taste.
Our supplementary satay supposed to come as dessert but was too late and had to be taken together with main dinner.

Business was brisk and crowded on a weekend, I guess it's always in such atmosphere for weekends and public holidays. The service was surprisingly fast for a crowded situation.
Restoran Yau Tak Teng
1, Jalan SS20/11
Damansara Utama Kim, 
Tel : 019-213 5598
GPS : 3.135289, 101.625061

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