Monday, March 09, 2015

What a beautiful Sunday Ride at Broga

This is one of the best rides I ever had in Broga, it was almost totally free from the traffic with lot of kampong fresh air and beautiful scenery. I would love to come back again.
It was a last minute decision to catch up with Irene Cho and her proposed ride at Broga it seemed great for Jo. We reached Broga town about 10 minutes before 7 it was still dark but there were a couple of eatery shops already opened. We met KK, Rita & How at one of the shops for breakfast.

Little did I know Broga is also popular for its pork besides the hill climbing and the Sak Dato Temple. Pork neck meat noodle with egg was something different from my normal breakfast.
Two dozen of us appeared at the temple and were ready for Irene to take us into the woods.
Yes we love Broga. Irene was also ready and ready to show us around ... let's go.
Moving through oil palm plantation was one of the lovely parts of the journey.
Easy roll with minimal vehicles on this trail.
The weather was excellent and the 24 of us happily followed Irene into a refreshing horizon that is away from the crazy city of Kuala Lumpur.
Cutting through the country side with all kind of settings and lovely smell of the green as we rode pass.
The rubber plants were like ushering for autumn, we will come back for other seasons and I bet it will be another experience.
There was a bit of climb in this route but it was good to pain our muscles for a good workout besides the beautiful sights.
We had 7 Brompton riders that morning, we gathered at the end of the ride and one for the album.
It seems like when ever we are at Broga and lunch or ice kacang is a routine that we would stop here for it. It is located at the heart of Broga town.
The famous ice kacang of Broga.
And their Pan Mee.
Thank you Irene Cho for a wonderful Malaysian country side cruise and seeing places with our small wheels, awesome!!!
The serene route.

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