Monday, August 17, 2015

A Detour to Kuala Kurau Perak for Cucur Udang (Hair Chee)

It is not easy to find this place and you need to ask the locals for the direction. The community of Kuala Kurau is generally divided into two areas which are on both sides of the river and this stall that sells "cucur udang" prawn fritters is located at the newer part of Kuala Kurau next to a Chinese temple.
Business is obviously good and you are expected to meet a queue before you can get a share of this "Hair Chee". 王月清西雅煎 Ah Qing Prawn Fritters.
Many come and "tapau" or take away in boxes like this. This part of Kuala Kurau has becomes popular among visitors around in Perak and Penang partly for this unique prawn fritters.
The prawn fritters are served with yellow noodle for you to wrap around, dip it into the chill sauce before putting them into your mouth.
I find that these prawn fritters are unique and special. The coffee shop and the "hair chee" stall are about 50metres apart the stall is tucked at a corner which you need a bit of effort to find it if there is nobody seen to be around at the coffee shop serving the fritters.
Of course one must not forget to try the iced Milo coffee, it is another must try thing in this place.
After we have finished our coffee break, me & Jo took out our bicycles for a short ride to the other side of the river while Jimmy took the car there.
One for the album at the pedestrian & bike bridge of Kuala Kurau.
From a humble fishing village Kuala Kurau has transformed into a town that is recognised for a popular weekend visit. Towns that are nearby are Bagan Serai, Tanjung Piandang and Parit Buntar. I will venture into the coffee shop next to the old cinema next time.
This bridge has finally connected the two sides of the river where the people and bikes can conveniently cross the river. Before this was built there was a ferry service and that was the only way to cross the river, by boat. This marvellous bridge was built for the people of Kuala Kurau in 2007. As for vehicles to get over to the other side they can use another bridge which is about 1 kilometre away.
We bought some salted eggs from a factory (裕 丰栈蛋行 Joo Hong Chan Salted Egg Factory) before leaving the town and headed back to Bagan Serai for our main agenda. Bye bye Kuala Kurau and I hope my relatives were happy with this detour.
Next to a Chinese Temple
Kuala Kurau

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interesting! do you know why it's called Hair Chee? i'm really really curious